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Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Ofisi ya Rais Mipango na Uwekezaji

Uwekezaji wa Sekta ya Umma

Idara inaongozwa na Bw. Elikana Ally Mtumweni

Mkurugenzi wa Idara ya Uwekezaji wa Sekta ya Umma

Barua pepe: elikana.mtumweni@planninginvestment.go.tz



To provide expertise, strategic leadership and guidance on public investment for sustainable economic growth of the Country.


This Division will perform the following functions:-

  • To coordinate the development, review and monitor implementation of public investment policy, strategies, plans and programs;
  • To coordinate provision of a sound and predictable investment environment for Public Institutions;
  • To develop, review and monitor implementation of public investment legal and regulatory frameworks;
  • To oversee all matters pertaining to public investment and projects in collaboration with other ministries and stakeholders;
  • To provide advice on the matters pertaining to public investment in all sectors;
  • To coordinate and facilitate identification and promotion of public investment opportunities; 
  • To coordinate, assess and monitor performance of public investment;
  • To coordinate matters of general policy affecting State Owned Enterprises;
  • To provide assistance and support in mitigating investment issues across the Government;
  • To conduct periodic study and research on matters that affects Public Investment;
  • To prepare and implement Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Public Investment; and
  • To coordinate investment issues related to Institutions under the Presidents’ Office, Planning and Investment.

The Division is led by a director and has two (2) Sections:-

  • Public Sector Investment Facilitation and
  • Public Sector Investment Promotion.