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Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

Ofisi ya Rais Mipango na Uwekezaji

Sera na Mipango

Idara inaongozwa na Bw. Ellykedo Theophilus Ngonyani

Mkurugenzi wa Sera na Mipango


To provide expertise and services in policy formulation, implementation, research and innovations.


This Division will perform the following functions:-

  • To coordinate preparations and implementation of plans, budget and  office policies in line with National Planning Frameworks;
  • To carry out impact assessments and evaluation on Office policies and plans for making informed decisions;
  • To analyse   policies from other sectors and advise accordingly;
  • To coordinate preparations and implementation of plans and budgets for the Office;
  • To carry out research on Office Policies and sector related functions for future development;
  • To coordinate preparation of Budget Speech and Annual Performance Reports;
  • To coordinate Risk Management Process in the office;
  • To coordinate preparation and monitor implementation of office’s Medium- Term Strategic Plan, Action Plans and Budget;
  • To coordinate implementation of Ruling Party Manifesto, Government Directives and Parliament Affairs;
  • To institutionalise strategic planning and budget development for the Office in compliance with the national planning frameworks;
  • To integrate Office plans and budget into the Government budgeting process;
  • To develop guidelines on research and innovation matters;
  • To coordinate issues related to Institutions under  the Presidents’ Office, Planning and Investment;
  • To coordinate preparation of Periodic Performance Reports for the office;
  • To mobilize resource for implementation of Office’s initiatives;
  • To conduct Office’s service delivery survey.

This Division is led by a Director and will have two (2) Sections as follows:-

  • Policy, Research and Innovation.
  • Planning and Budgeting.